Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dale & Rus' Tonasket Pictures

Howdy Y'all :)
Just wanted to thank everyone for a great weekend and even better horsemanship!!
Everyone did such a great job with their horse, it was such a pleasure to offer help to you all who are anxious and eager to learn a better way to work with your horses. Next time I will bring some roping dummys and we can really get some shots going. :) Thanks - Rus

I was so proud and excited to see everyone doing such a great job with their horses. Giving support and receiving it from those that surround you, that's what it's all about! What challanges we had and everyone worked so awesome together. Thanks for sharing your pictures, so many great pics!

Denice great job being a 'responsible adult' and closing those gates :) "Has anyone seen DJ?" "Which way did the wild horses travel, north or south?" You're looking at them....ut-oh this is going to be interesting!!! , Rachel what did you say? Yes we're going down that hill! Great job taking pics Denice! So much fun on those radios, we just need a few more next time! I could go on and on....

We all learned alot together and many of you were out of your 'bubbles', but now you have a whole new 'bubble' and isn't the world with your horse so much larger now?

Thanks to Rus and AnnaMarie for all of the work and assistance you provided to everyone, from fun evening roping lessons, to lessons in breathing and relaxing when things get a little 'western'! A special thank-you to Julie for organizing & cleaning our horse trailer and packing us all up. A big thank-you for all that were truck drivers to haul the additional horses so all clients could attend!

Can't wait for next time, I'm already making plans for some new adventures for you all! The hospitality & meals were great from Kris and Hawk! We'll be back soon!

Many Happy Trails, remember it's all about riding for fun, with feel, sharing with family and making new friends!



Western Sky Riders said...

Great pictures!

Amanda said...

WOW I have been searching the internet for photos of the Tonasket area and I hit the jackpot when I stumbled onto your blog. We may be moving there soon and I wanted so badly to see if I liked it and I DO!! We are driving over there tomorrow.

Latigo Liz said...

Very nice! Hope to go with you sometime in the future!

Congratulations! You have an award!